Mail Art Call

Mail Art Call

Ask me to marry you
To inspire the person I love
In September 20010, the Raymond Lasnier Exhibition Center in Trois-Rivières (québec) present: Until death do us a part. For the occasion, I will expose a nuptial costume; This outfit will be create from all the response I get to my amil art call. Your letters and enveloês must specify your wedding proposal to me. Don't be afraid, it's just a game to have fun with your imagination and creativity;
documentation will be sent to all participants.

Colour restrictions: Black and Priority white

Date : June 16, 2009

Theme: Ask me to marry you

Address : steven Renald, 155 Chauvin, Chicoutimi, Québec,

Canada, G7J 1Z6

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CAR ::: MAIL ART a dit…

Génial, Steven, j'embarque...pour le meilleur et pour le pire !!!