Les coques marines

Photos JLC " Bidouic"

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Wilma Duguay a dit…

Chèr Jean Luc,
Les images des bateaux sont magnifiques!! Tu prendes les beaux photographs. Je suis en train de trouver les photographs de la Gaspésie pour toi. Je serai très heureuse à reçevoir un de tes photos des bateaux.

Aussi, tu es vraiment un artist 'versatil'...tu peux travailler dans les genres differents. C'est ne pas facile pour la plupart des personnes dans le monde de Mailart.

Wilma Duguay

Anonyme a dit…

Jean Luc,
I love your Art! I grew up in a small fishing village in the Gaspé and spent all my days on the beach. The beach (ocean) was my backyard! There were always loads of local kids, fishing boats and fun!! Your Mailart takes me back to those happy days. I often wish I had never left the Gaspé for higher studies at McGill University in Montréal but that is the reality of life in the Gaspé, even today.
If we want an education and a chance at life, we must leave!

I am looking forward to receiving photos of your boats. You are a very talented and versatile artist...you have the ability to work in many genres. I was so delighted when you asked me to send you my address in order to send me some of your photographs...that is quite an honour!!

Thank you so much.

Wilma Duguay