Carnet noir

La première dame de France, accompagnée de son mari, doit chanter ce soir à New-York à l'occasion des 91 ans de Nelson Mandela, resté chez lui à Johannesburg.

Epinglé par la Cour des Comptes les déplacements présidentiels, qui représentent un coût de 14 millions d'euros en 2008, en sachant que ce montant ne comprend pas un certain nombre de voyages pris en charge au titre de la présidence française de l'UE. «sans se prononcer sur l'opportunité des déplacements officiels, la Cour a relevé que des économies seraient possibles dans ce domaine», explique le document.

Carla Bruni may be the First Lady of France, but she had no chance of becoming the First Diva at Saturday's exuberant Nelson Mandela birthday concert in New York.
Bruni's first public performance since marrying French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was in the audience, put her on stage at Radio City Music Hall along with the original "Queen of Disco" Gloria Gaynor, "Queen of Soul" Aretha Franklin and rapper Queen Latifah, not to mention Alicia Keys, Lil Kim, and Cyndia Lauper and male acts will.i.am, Wyclef Jean, Josh Groban, Jesse McCartney, and Stevie Wonder.
The "Queen of Disco", in a full-length pink dress, kicked off the tribute to Mandela's 91st birthday with her 1978 classic I Will Survive, which is impossible to hear without leaping from your seat and pointing your fingers over your head. The "Queen of Soul", her more-than-ample bosom bedecked in spangling crystals, wowed the crowd with her virtuoso arpeggios. Queen Latifah, stomping the stage, introduced her mother and announced: "She taught me all woman are Queens, and should be treated as such."
It was undoubtedly brave for Bruni to line up with such music royalty. Whoopi Goldberg, acting as master of ceremonies, said there were "more stars than you ever saw in astronomy class." Bruni is said to have broken her vow not to perform while her husband is in office because the concert benefitted Mandela's charity 46664, which works on AIDS, the disease that killed her brother.
Il parait même que "chouchou" n'aurait même pas pris la peine de se lever pour acclamer son épouse à l'issue de sa prestation... Peut être sentait-il le bide. Pire encore, Carla a manqué le final réunissant tous les artistes présents. geste très apprécié des anglo-saxons.

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